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why we do what we do

We were prompted to make toys and nursery objects by our own little explorer. All products are tested in our own or our friends' homes. Time after time our friends or relatives express their wishes or ideas in regard to new products, as they can’t find what they are looking for in the toy stores or they are not satisfied with the existing supply.

We love working with wood because it is natural and alive. It brings us closer to nature. Toy-making requires more than just traditional woodworking skills. The safety requirements for wooden toys are very strict, therefore special attention must be brought to the selection and processing of materials. The child will want not only to have a taste of the toy but will also check its strength and will try to see what’s on the inside. With full confidence we call our toys ecological toys.

We believe that wooden toys will be valued for generations. Just like  a decades-old, rumpled teddy bear with couple of loose threads, our wooden toys are not only durable but also keep their emotional value throughout the person’s life. They can then passed on to the next generation.

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