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Product safety


• Plywood is a safe and environmentally friendly material, evidenced by the following certificates: CE, PEFSC and FSC.

• Painting and oil coatings has a certificate meeting EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3

• Coated plywood products meet TSCA requirements (only U.S.).

• Oil used for coating is designed for kitchen countertops which mean it is safe in touch with food and little cookers fingers as well :)

!!! Be aware of counterfeit products available across internet in some Chinese sites and in some shops who sell them like originals. Those products are in low quality and produced with cheaper materials which have no evidences about safety for chemicals used in coating and plywood glue. Customer support is poor or nonexistent and if you ever need replacement parts then noone from China will send anything. If you save on product cost then you save on safety which cost much more afterwards.

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