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Convertible kitchen tower or convertible step stool is a Montessori furniture to step up and oversee the countertop and it will greatly alleviate young parents' care and give much more free time in the kitchen. The child is protected from accidental falling when standing in the little tower, surrounded by rails. Older toddlers who are stable on their feet and are already climbing everywhere will be able to climb on and off the tower with ease. Kitchen tower is not only a help in kitchen tasks, but also an indispensable tool in situations when a child needs to wash his hands in the washing basin or to clean teeth. The child can push it until the place he needs. Open the clips and fold down the upper part with one hand and you will get a functional table that can be used even by two children at a time. It is very important in small apartments, where one piece of furniture can be used instead of two.

As your little one becomes a toddler, she is extremely curious and willing to find out what happens on the kitchen countertop. Another yummy meal preparation just cannot be missed! And not only to see what happens there, but also to engage in the process, to explore, play and help parents with the meal.


• Can be used also as a table with a chair
• Easy transformable from tower to table and back
• Equipped with a blackboard
• Two children can sit at one table (additional Craffox sitting box or chair necessary)
• 8kg weight (easy for toddler to push it to place he needs or for mum carrying a child)
• Compatible with Craffox detachable slide and Craffox sitting box
• Polished surface with soft touch feeling
• Coated with natural and non-toxic oil
• Made from durable Baltic birch plywood
• Suggested age 1-6 years


• Coating has a certificate meeting EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3
• Plywood has CE, PEFC and FSC certificates and compatible with TSCA requirements
• Plywood strenghtness is powered by bio-based and renewable glue
• Safely bears weight up to 70 kg, but designed for toddlers weight
• Only parents are allowed to transform the furniture from one position into another
• Must be used in direct supervision of an adult
• Should be used from moment when toddler is stable enough


Kitchen tower is delivered in disassembled state. Assembly manual is attached. Usually assembly is quite easy and should not take more than 10-20 minutes, but if you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask us. Assembly together with your kid is a very acceptable idea, but in time of assembly be afraid with small details like screws.


Please send us your phone number or write it in notes section. This information is required by the carrier and we disclose your phone number only with them. Buyers are responsible for any import duties and customs taxes that may apply before, upon or after delivery. Taxes can be collected through carrier and then this is not surcharged shipping. We expect that carrier deliver your order to your door sound and safe. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us.


• Craffox detachable slide
• Craffox sitting box

Convertible kitchen tower /RABBIT black / Wholesale

  • Processing time 3-7 working days.
    Shipping time usually is 3-8 working days.

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