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A sitting box, storage box, toy chest.
This sitting box is made as an addition to our popular convertible towers. A second child may join at the other side of the table. It is not just for sitting but also for keeping things in. The child can open and close it, as well as move it. The sitting box can be used for sitting at other tables or just as a box for keeping things in. You wish to join the table, but there is no seat? Yes, you may sit on this box, but nobody can think that something is hidden in this box, especially if someone’s sitting on it. Can you think of what could be hidden there?




• Lid is easy to open and close

• Lid is fixed and remains stationary if kid is sitting on it
• Child can move it by themselves
• Compatible with Craffox convertible towers

• Features a polished surface with a soft touch feeling
• Coated with natural and non-toxic oil

• Made from durable Baltic birch plywood

• Suggested age: 1-6 years
• Size 30cm length, 24,5cm width, 28cm height


• Coating has a certificate meeting EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3
• Plywood has CE, PEFC and FSC certificates and compatible with TSCA requirements
• Plywood strenghtness is powered by bio-based and renewable glue
• Safely bears weight up to 70 kg, but designed for toddlers weight
• Must be used in direct supervision of an adult
• Should be used from moment when toddler is stable enough


Toy box is delivered in disassembled state. Assembly manual is attached. Usually assembly is quite easy and should not take more than 3-10minutes, but if you have any questions then do not hesitate to ask us. Assembly together with your kid is a very acceptable idea, but in time of assembly be afraid with small details like screws.

Toy chest, sitting box / Dropshipping

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