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The indoor slide is an addition to the furniture in a child’s room; a playground in the room that allows them to enjoy sliding at any time. It is high with a longer sliding surface. The slide has three convenient and wide steps, the same as usual steps. On top of the slide there are special rails to hold when climbing up.

Do you know any child who could resist sliding down? We don’t. So, we created this extra long indoor slide. The slide is a great addition to the child’s room for them to enjoy at any time, even if the weather isn’t good for using a slide at the nearest playground.


Fun is guaranteed! :)


• Extra-long sliding surface 125 cm and total length 151 cm

• Convenient and wide steps

• Polished slider’s surface provides better sliding

• Rails to hold

• Soft touch finish for overall material

• Coated with natural and non-toxic oil

• Made from durable Baltic birch plywood

• Suggested age 1-6 years




• Coating has a certificate meeting EU toy safety chemical requirements as per DIN EN 71-3

• Plywood has CE, PEFC and FSC certificates and compatible with TSCA requirements

• Plywood strenghtness is powered by bio-based and renewable glue

• Safely bears weight up to 70 kg, but designed for toddlers weight

• Must be used in direct supervision of an adult

• Should be used from moment when toddler is stable enough




An assembly manual is included. Assembly is typically straightforward and should take no more than 5-10 minutes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. Assembling it together with your child can be a fun and educational activity, but be cautious with small details like screws during assembly.




We expect the carrier to deliver your order to your door safely. If this is not the case, please contact us. Buyers are responsible for any import duties and customs taxes that may apply before, during, or after delivery. Taxes can be collected by the carrier, and these costs are not included in the shipping fees.




It is recommended to children from the moment they can walk by themselves without falling back and without the help of adults. If your baby wants to slide down but can’t do it themselves, there’s no problem with adults directly helping.
Every child develops in their own way and everyone is different, which is why it is so fascinating. However, remember that parents make a decision by themselves and are responsible for a child’s ability to use the product without their direct help, and for the child understanding the consequences of using the product incorrectly. The seller isn’t responsible for incidents resulting from incorrect use of the product.

Indoor slide / Wholesale

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